1943 : With World War II in full swing in the Pacific, Stéphane Saint-Quentin created LE FROID by buying an old foundry in the Latin Quarter which manufactured ice packs.

During the Second World War, Major General Patch, commander of US forces, G. I. decreed that each soldier should have his own bottle of Coca-Cola to support troop morale.

Thus, the Caledonians have taken a liking to the famous soft drink.

Stéphane Saint-Quentin then asked the franchise to bottle Coca-Cola using the thousands of empty bottles left by the US Army.

Thus, the first bottle of Coca-Cola was bottled locally in 1952.

Through a stroke of genius, Stéphane Saint-Quentin and his team developed the company by creating its own brands (Roussette syrup became Tulem) as well as franchised internationally renowned brands (Coca-Cola and Orangina).

Building on its success, LE FROID became the leading soft drink producer in New Caledonia in the 60’s.


Some key dates in our history:

  • 1943 Founding of LE FROID in the Latin Quarter.
  • 1952 First bottling of Coca-Cola.
  • 1962 Creation of Tulem.
  • 1966 First partnership with the Pacific Games.
  • 1971 Installation of the plant at Montravel.
  • 1972 First use of plastic bottles.
  • 1989 First bottling of Orangina.
  • 1992 Blowing bottles P.E.T. (Plastics)
  • 1996 Creation of the Oro Fruity.
  • 1997 Manufacture of CO2.
  • 1998 Production of preforms P.E.T. (Plastics)
  • 1999 ISO 9001 Certification.
  • 2000 Creation of the brewery. 2
  • 2001 Extension of the ISO 9001 certificate to the brewery.
  • 2004 LE FROID is elected No. 1 worldwide for the quality of its Coca-Cola products.
  • 2007 New line for blowing and palletizing.
  • 2008 Creation and launch of Manta, our 100% local beer.
  • 2009 Signing of the formal partnership with the Pacific Games in 2011.
  • 2012 Certification ISO 22000 / SCCF: 2012.
  • 2013 Extension of Manta with Manta Citron.
  • 2014 Launch of Manta Gold.
  • 2016 Launch of Manta Cider.